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Speaker design


A lot of people ask where we hide the speaker drivers in our panels. The magic trick is that there are none! The whole panel is in fact the speaker; Using distributed mode loudspeaker technology, we let the panel vibrate as natural as a guitar body. These vibrations create sounds that will fill your whole room.

Every speaker is hand made and unique.  Feel free to contact us for different kinds of wood or other special requests.



9th of October 2019

Danish Sound Day is the conference for everyone who works professionally with sound. We got invited to pitch our idea as a start-up company. Giving us relevant feedback, tips, and contacts.


21st of November 2019

The Danish Entrepreneurship Award is the biggest celebration of young entrepreneurial ideas. We have been there to pitch our idea as part of the Design Talent competition.


30th of October 2019

We are very happy to have been rewarded a Microgrant. This has enabled us to develop the speakers into what they are now. This Microgrand is especially for startups with new and innovative ideas. 


"Very pleasant product design! They listen very carefully to your wishes. We are the lucky owners of Red Gun Hazelpine speakers. A feast for the ear and eye."

- H. Smid

"I admire Little Otter team for their innovative idea. Kim and Dirk are very capable and skilled professionals and tireless workers. But the most precious aspect is their kindness and altruism which make them the perfect partners for collaborations and partnerships."

- V. Rizzo

“There´s an exciting perspective in mixing architecture, art and quality sound together. It touches all our senses and makes people positive”

- F. Sørensen



Feel free to get in touch with us! You can email or call us. If you would like to come by our atelier let us know before, then we make sure we are around!


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