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We are Little Otter, two entrepreneurial spirits who believe that there is a better way to enjoy music. To prove there is, all our resources and love is used to create a product we believe in. We are a designer (Kim) and an architect (Dirk), that found beside a business partner also a life partner in each other. While finishing our masters we lived in a tiny apartment, there was no room for big speakers. After playing around with a technique called DML (distributed mode loudspeaker) we found the best solution for us. A flat speaker that can be hung on a wall, out of the way and is easy on the eyes. This turned out to be a product that besides fitting in a small room also naturally blends into its environment. Improving any living environment with its voluminous sound and minimalistic features. In short, a product worth sharing. 

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About the speaker

The speaker is a wireless, active speaker (read wireless as, wireless connection to your phone/tv, it does have a power cable but that you can hide it). The panel that you see is the actual speaker and can be made using different types of wood. We are currently exploring oak, mahogany and wenge, but anything is possible! Besides these different wood types, there will also painted speakers from different artists. The total dimensions are 5.5 x 80 x 48 cm.

We aim to create a product that declutters your house and mind. Nowadays technology tends to take over our lives, with wires, complicated interfaces and bulky black boxes. These speakers gently fade in into their environment and give an uncompromised sound experience. 

When to expect

We wholeheartedly wish that we could give a date on when we can start selling. It will be as soon as we are sure that what we sell works, that lasts and can be loved for a long time. Currently, our goal is to have 8 pieces of the final product done by February and increase the amount from there on forward. In our newsletter, we will give you updates as soon as we know more about our progress, events and more. So do sign up if you are interested, or get in touch through phone or email. We would love to hear from you.

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