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How it works

Unlike most speakers, this speaker does not rely on a speaker driver to create sound.  It is the entire wooden plate that creates the sound. On the back of the plate there is a magnet, also called an exciter, that creates vibrations in the plate. 

It can be compared to a guitar body, where the strings (magnet) fibrate the body (plate) amplifies. Creating a warm and natural sound. 

Due to the shape of the plate, this speaker has a much wider dispersion angle of the sound. No matter if you are straight in front of the speaker or sitting at the side of it, it still sounds great. This feature makes it possible to effortlessly fill an entire room with amazing sound. 

Fun fact: Because of the size of the plate, the speakers can move a lot of air, thus creating strong sound waves and going very loud. We have been trying the loudest setting once, making us sit with earmuffs in front of them. So just to be safe, the loudness will be limited, both to safe eardrums and to increase the lifespan of the speaker. The best volume to put your speakers on to really enjoy a song is the loudness on which the singer would sing it. 


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