How we got started

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

"Kim, I would like a new pair of speakers in our apartment." "That is fine Dirk, but no big ugly ones, we don't have space for them!"

This started our journey towards soundpanels. We lived in a tiny apartment studio of 35m2, with no space left for a big speaker system.

How about an internship in our own company?

After Dirk fiddled around in his summer vacation with some (very horrible sounding) prototypes we really got started in September 2019. The New Venture Creation course from the department of marketing and economics of the AAU allowed us to start a company and do an internship within our own company. Both professors and professionals got us started with the lean startup methodology, testing our business plan with market research on the public. Meanwhile, we produced prototype after prototype to get the sound where it should be.

This hard work paid off. After 5 months

we had a fully functioning prototype and knowledge on what to do when you are a start-up company.

At this point, we were optimistic in our idea to continue the company and both do a master thesis at the same time. Well, that did not work.

Soundhub in Struer

After both happily graduating our masters, we finally had time to work on the company again, and so we did. We joined Soundhub in Struer and their Accelorace program. Even though we had a working prototype, we were far from done. It was time to go from a passive speaker to an active speaker. Meaning that the speaker had to become plug and play, you stick the power cord in, connect with your phone, and done!

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