A new studio

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Together with three artists, we managed to find a studio in the city center of Aalborg (DK) for a decent price. This gave us a lot of opportunities to set up our small workshop to handcraft the speakers.

Listening room

We are working hard to set up a listening and presentation room for the speakers. Since it is just a concrete hall, the acoustics were quite horrible. By putting up curtains, acoustic pannels and getting some furniture we managed to get the acoustics much improved. Our cargo bike has been a real savior, making it possible to get all the materials from point A to B. Although we are not quite done yet, it is now ready to receive any curious listener!

An added benefit

Having the studio also made it possible to pick up one of our other passions again, making furniture. Since we are a startup and the speakers are not yet for sale. This is the perfect way to get some extra resources in the company. So we can continue our quest to bring music to the people through design.

Check out for more examples!

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