We advise you to get two speakers, this will give you the best sound experience because it enables stereo sound imaging.


The speakers in the Lutra Family run wirelessly on Wifi, Airplay2, and/or Bluetooth 5.


If you prefer a cabled connection, each speaker has a RCA input for conection to a pre-amp.


If you need help with choosing the best system for your needs, please contact us on info@lospeakers.com.





Frequency response: 50 - 18000 Hz (-3dB)

Amplifier: Class D 2x100 W by IcePower

D/A conversion: Up to 24 bit / 92 kHz

Bass driver: 6” low profile carbon fiber

Treble driver: 36” panel with 0.12” voice coil



Wired input: Analog RCA

Wireless transmission: WiFi, Airplay 2, Bluetooth 5

Power: 240v c7 connector



Width: 460 mm

Height: 800 mm

Depth: 60 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg


General properties

2-way active speaker system with built-in duo amplifier

Built-in 240v power supply

Best of class 180° dispersion angle

Lutra Choconut

kr 13.500,00Price