On our way to a greener future

As of now, our speakers sound good, look good and give what is needed. No extra features that only 10 per cent uses but add up to the material used, but look good in marketing. Just clean, simplistic design. 

But we want to do more, we are constantly searching for better more sustainable materials and solutions. Currently, we are looking into mushroom foam to replace our foam core. ?We use FSC wood for the front? and are working to make the assembly easier to repair rather than replace. 

We want to keep going in the good direction to work with our earth instead of using it up.

Good music good design

With our speakers, we want to prove that sound and design go together as bread with butter. Rethinking the concept of a speaker completely, using a different approach and technology.

Our speaker is a piece of furniture that blends in with your style instead of a box with a driver that stands out and has no other function than making music. It's a speaker for everyone, man, woman and non-binary. For the occasional radio listener, to the background music lover to someone who just turns up the volume for that one special song. 

We want to make things that last. 


Feel free to get in touch with us! You can email or call us. If you would like to come by our atelier let us know before, then we make sure we are around!


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